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    Hi All,

    I'm not just talking about the pricetag on the box. We take a different approach towards advertising printers and printer ink cartridges of brands like Brother, Canon, HP & more. Calculating the true costs of printer ownership over lifespan will give you some interesting information. puts buying a printer and ink cartridges in a different perspective.

    We want to know what you think of this approach, is it informative? yes? no? If you have some time to share your opinion please help us better serve our customers.

    Thank you

    James M.

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    Actually for me, I don't really believe on advertising. I am more into people or friend's recommendation. Or I just look at the price because for me the expensive it gets, the better its functions. It's because a company won't sell their products on a cheap price if they don't believe on their products. A company must have a reason why they are selling their products in a particular price.

    Cheap things are good, but definitely good things are not cheap.

    Multifunction Printers Increase in Popularity

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    You are absolutely right but if you are getting cheap things in better quality than I dont think that there will be any problem in buying it.


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    Printer's cost varies.. It depends on the unit and sometimes the condition of the printer.

    For best Managed print Services, check out--
    For best Managed print Services, check out--

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    I am looking for a used printer, how much it will cost?

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