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    Hi all, one oce 9400 give me error message 0811.Please somebody if have idea or know where is problem, to write in forum.

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    0811 code is the NTC #3 is to high. NTC #3 is the middle sensor in the fuser. needs to be replaced.

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    thank you.

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    Hello, i change the sensor but problem still consist.Now errors are 2. First one is 0811 and second is 0821.

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    0821 is NTC #5 to low. I would check resistance on the sensors they should all be about the same. I would also check the SSR.

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    1 Disconnect the corresponding 08(x) NTC resistor.
    2 Connect a multimeter to measure the NTC resistance. If a short-circuit is measured (0 ohm), replace the NTC resistor.
    3 Activate [the special test 4-01 fuser paper] in SDS test 4-01 The 08E1 and 08E2 heaters are switched on during one minute. Measure for a uniform decrease of the NTC resistance.
    4 Check the connection from the 08R(x) NTC resistor to 22PBA01 CPU PBA.
    5 Check that there is no short-circuit to earth.

    If you need, I have replacement 2926.645 NTC resistors

    Look at NTC replacement on this thread

    If you need, I have a number of overstock miscellaneous parts for the 9400, many are the same parts used in the 7050.

    a sample of the overstock miscellaneous parts I have.

    Charger block, left and right
    Charger diode
    Corona wire, short, long and spool
    Eraser and Zener PBA
    Distribution, Low volt sup, and CPU PBA
    Paper guide, left and right
    Sensor opto slotted
    Disc pulse with O ring
    Wheel running
    Pick pawl
    NTC resistor
    Mat spec wire

    and other parts

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    i checked all sensor with multimeter and all are not 0, it is mean that they are ok.Problem stil not repaired.

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    More info needed to diag. 9400 must have dedicated 20A power to run. SDS is needed as well. Oce Auth. Tech.

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    I need spare parts & toner of both machine Oce 9400? Oce 7050 series
    pls give me the quote

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    Parts are available for all 9400 and 7050 series. We are Oce direct. Call 818-771-9066 for pricing.

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