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    One TDS300 make problem printing white.Story start when printer controler Dell GX270 stop working, i change motherboard and then again working, but when printing nothing have on paper. Also when i try to print DEMO PRINT is white.On Dell GX270 have windows XP embedded and some software POWER LOGIC ver. 1.1.3 . Maybe problem is on Dell. Please Help.

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    Please refix spice bord on Dell Controller. Most probably you have some problems with this board. Also you can try to insert spice board on other pci slot. If you replace MB with one for GX270 I don't belive you have problem with Dell controler.

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    Hello, i put Oce card (spice card) many times on the other PCI slots, but no result.How can i check that this card is damaged. Unfortunaly i have not another card for cheking.Also from where i can buy this spice card if it is nessesary.For information i have recovery cd disk with version of oce power logic 1.1.4, but this is not upgrade old version, directly formating hard drive and installing new version.I try to this, but something wrong come during installation.

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    Is not posible to test alone this card without a service laptop.
    Best way is to get this card to other machine and interchange with the one installed.
    Also is not posible to get this card from computer shop, is designed and manufactured for Oce only.
    If somebody is willing to sell you this card be careful: are 4 version available and only last 2 are compatible with your system - TDS300 v 1.1.4 (spice III v2 and spice III v3).

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    I have 2 of these cards spiceIII v3 i need to get rid of if interested please call 615-333-7770. Tim

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    give me one mail.

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    I just bought a used Oce 9400-II and it also printing white. After I install XP driver it only print out white (blank page), even demo plot. Does anybody know why it doing that?? Do I needed a spice card too!! Also, would a Oce 9400 scanner comparable with Oce 9400-II printer?? Thanks!

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    Yes...scanner is compatible with the right cable to connect to printer board located on left leg..note scsi port.

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