I have been on the phone and on line for the past two hours with still no help from panasonic. I am very disapointed in panasonics help. They are giving me one phone number after another and no one has helped me. I have a customer with a panasonic kx-b520 electric print board that is not printing the top half of the page, it only prints the bottom half. I have checked to see if the door latches are locking on each side. I have never worked on one of these, but it seem to be the same as the old thermal fax machines. I think that I am right in *ssuming that the thermal printhead is bad. But I cannot get any help from panasonic to ask if I am right or to order any parts. I have even called service centers and they say to call panasonic. I have never been so disapointed trying to get help with a product. PLEASE HELP.

Derrick Schramm