Hello guys, good day!

I just want to ask for help regarding my problem with TDS 600 here at my area. I am working on it for almost a month and its kind a hard to fix.

Problem found: Black print out only(no image) but no errors occur
Service rendered: same result - means black print out (no image)tds 600.jpg
swap charging assy - test - same result
Swap transfer assy - test - same result
Clean machine includes drum and folder
Swap developer assy and set value via sds - test - same result
swap high voltage - test - same result

Parts Information:
Charging assembly replace for new
Transfer assembly - Ok
Drum unit - almost new
Developer Unit - test "OK" - set value: 430
Toner dosage - almost new
Toner - Full
High Voltage - test to other unit - Ok
Controller version: 4.1.11
Machine version: 4.1.5