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    Question GEN5 Print Head VS EpsonXP600 Print Head, Which One is Better?

    GEN5 printheads are mostly popular recently, and it is especially common seen in a Uv flatbed printer. GEN5Print Head VS Epson XP600 Print Head, Which One is Better?

    The XP600 print heads

    Advantages Of Epson XP600:
    1. Print effect ranked first.
    2. The price is relatively cheap.
    3. The nozzle can print 5mm radian products.
    4. Suitable equipment type is broad, the consumable material such as the sublimationink is easy to buy, the maintenance cost is low.

    Disadvantages Of Epson XP600:
    1. The EPSON XP600 print head uses ABS material, the nozzle's anti-corrosion and fluency is not so good.
    2. The XP600 print head can only print 20,000 square meters, the can be only used for 6-10 months, spray white ink will be easier to plug the head.
    3. The printing speed of the nozzle is reduced and the encryption channel appears.

    GEN5 print heads

    Advantages Gen5:

    1, Ricoh G5 Nozzle is a real industrial-grade nozzle, it was invented based on the technology of Ricoh G4 nozzle by the Japanese Ricoh Company. It uses closed stainless steel floor, so that the nozzle with anti-collision, scratch-resistant function, no longer worry about the nozzle was smashed, or scraped. Ricoh 5 is not easy to be bothered by the work environment (there is constant temperature and circuit insulation system). Not affected by the ink temperature viscosity (applicable to a variety of inks, printing image clear. Out of ink flow).

    2. Ricoh G5 nozzle has a faster speed and higher precision. Now the standard of Ricoh Nozzle is 7PL, it means Gen5 print head has a large improvement in efficiency.
    Disadvantages Gen5:
    1. The price is too high
    2. The print heads are is bundled with the ribbon wire. If there is a problem with the wire, the nozzle will be scrapped.
    3. Technology is not Good enough. Ricoh Equipment was first used in 2014
    4. The price of equipment is very high
    5. Can only print products which not exceed 3mm, UV printing with white ink is not easy. The technology is difficult to control when printing on super large format products.

    Today there are also many countries UV flatbed printer uses Epson Xp600 head or even dx10 head. But the technology is not yet mature, so Epson xp600 quality is better. So GEN5 Print Head VS Epson XP600 Print Head, Which One is Better?
    Finally, no matter which print head you choose, remember to take good care of it correctly. As the most important part of inkjet printer, if you canít do the daily maintenance well, it will affect your normal work.

    Now based on the whole comparison, GEN5 Print Head VS Epson XP600 Print Head, Which One is Better?
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