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    Unable to make 2300 dl printer to work

    My 2300 dl printer doesn't work uninstall and reinstall driver still doesn't work. I use driver for windows vista. Can't find one for windows 7. Anybody have any idea. Thanks.

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    Love my 2300DL. It's circa 2003 and that means 32 bit architecture. Had mine working on a 64 bit system at one time with a driver. It was a brute force work around and not flawless. The OEM software and utilities won't work fully. Mine was hooked up via usb port and would have to unplug the cable and put back in to get Win 7 to handshake with printer from time to time. Then just got in to habit of cycling cable in and out each time needed to print. Not sure where got driver from and my digital-head kid set it up. Hope this is a start for you.

    Good luck.


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