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    I am a printer in the mid Atlantic. The market has changed so radically that I am forced to liquidate my assets. I have 3 Oce wide format copiers. 9800 with scanner. TDS 400 and TCS 400. All three have minimal use. I had an issue with Oce last year when my business started going south and they stopped invoicing me and stopped all efforts to collect. They didnt want the return of the equipment either. My lawyer got a release letter from them and apparantly they sold the leases to some company in PA and they have never contacted me either and also gave a release letter. I want to sell these machines but my lawyer says there is always a chance a new buyer trying to activate a service contract on the machines might just raise someones red flag. I am looking for advise from anyone familiar with these issues. Is there buyers that just buy to strip for parts? Time is of the essence and I have nowhere to keep said equipment once the business is done.

    Thanks in advance

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    Call me, let's talk about this.

    Jon - REMAN TECH

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