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    Anyone know how to pump the air out of the ink tubes? I'm sure there is a way to prime them but I haven't been able to figure it out. I have two printers that quit printing black after a few pages. Cartridges are new and the printheads seem to be OK.

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    Clearing print tubes

    I just repaired a HP designjet 1055cm. The ink was about 2" from the tanks with air in the lines 24" or so all the way to the print heads. I took a big syringe and a small tube from a spray can extension (small red straw) and smoothed the end with a light sanding so I didn't damage the seal and the other end fit the syringe tight. Inserted into the port of the print head and sucked the ink to the syringe. Removed the straw and installed the print head. Worked fine after that. Good luck. Now help we with my Revit crashing trying to print to my 1055..

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