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    Question Choose between Epson xp600 and DX5 head?

    With the upgrading of UV flatbed printer piezoelectric inkjet technology,One of the most embodies the piezoelectric UV flatbed printer is among the Piezo print head,UV flatbed printer nozzle is the main core components,accuracy and stability depend on UV flatbed printer nozzle. Now follow me to know how to choose between Epson xp600 and DX5 head?

    Among the piezoelectric UV flatbed printer, Used mostly for Epson Piezo print head, For example, the fifth generation of EPSON nozzle (referred to as the Five head), and has the seventh-generation nozzle (referred to seven generations head), Or ten generations of head piezoelectric photo machine, etc. However, the use of most or many of the piezoelectric Epson xp600 head. Because Epson fifth generation UV flatbed printer nozzle in the application of piezoelectric technology is very mature, either encrypted or non-encrypted nozzle, In the application of the piezoelectric UV flatbed printers are very popular with users favor. Now we’ll get to know more about how better to choose between Epson xp600 and DX5 head accordingly.

    Why many customers like Epson xp600 head? Because Epson xp600 head compatible all type ink, even with the general thermal transfer ink, the nozzle can accept. The use of stable, photo machines the fifth generation of EPSON nozzle technology is mature manipulation. Print output accuracy is high, the speed is fast, so that is why many domestic photo machines are in use Piezo print head.
    Today there are also many countries UV flatbed printer uses Epson DX5 head or even dx10 head. But the technology is not yet mature, so Epson xp600 quality is better. At the same time in life, the xp600 is better than DX5.
    Epson xp600 nozzle architecture and design, droplet fineness two times high than dx5, So DX5 head of the ink more stringent requirements. Requirements to be more fluid ink.
    Summary:If you have high accuracy requirements,Select DX5 head,If the general requirements, xp600 head quality is enough. Now you know how to choose between Epson xp600 and DX5 head .
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