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  • CET Printer Shutdown Procedures

    https://static.ombe.com/slir/w235/forums/200/rickpics/CET-Color_logo.pngStory from CET Color

    "In the wake of current events, we want you to know that we are here for you. We understand that some of our dealers and their clients may be faced with difficult decisions in the upcoming weeks or even days. We have compiled instructions on how to best care for your printers, should you need to shutdown.

    Follow the below steps if you plan to power down your printer for more than two days.

    1. Close all sub-tanks
    2. Remove all ink lines coming from the sub-tank to the print-heads and cap the bottom of the secondary filters.
    3. Using a syringe, proceed to flush solvent through the print-head and vent tubes.
    4. Remove excess solvent from the print-head by removing the syringe from the tubing and pulling back the plunger, then reattach to the tubing and push air through the print-head.
    5. Build a landing pad using coroplast or foam board. Ensure the landing pad is large enough for all of the print-heads to fit over once the carriage is lowered. Wrap the landing pad with shrink wrap first and then place a shop towel to one side. Place lint-free wipes on top of the shop towel and then saturate with solvent flush. The solvent flush will be used to keep the print-heads moisturized.
    6. Line up the landing pad with heads and proceed to lower the carriage on top of it.

    Power should stay on if you are using white ink with your printer. This will allow the white ink agitator to continue running. Otherwise, because white ink pigment will settle, the white ink will need to be replaced once power is restored.

    If you plan to power down your printer for more than 2 weeks for CMYK and 1 week for white, please contact tech support (tech@cetcolor.com) for further instructions before powering up the printer.

    Click on the below YouTube link to watch a video for flushing your print-heads.