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  • Introducting The Bentsai Handheld Inkjet Printer

    https://static.ombe.com/slir/w235/forums/200/rickpics/BT-HH6105B1.jpgThe printer is developed and produced by Bentsai directly, yes, we control the quality.

    May I introduce Bentsai handheld inkjet printer - BT-HH6105
    Only 450g

    • The battery
    • 11 languages
    • 8 Hours continue printing using battery, and 20 Hours Standby
    • LCD touch screen
    • Finger touch without pencil, using as a smart phone, fast response when operating
    • 40 owned patents and global certificate.

    Able to print Barcode, QR code, Logo, Imaging, Time, Text information...

    On Plastic Bag, Glass Cup, Metal Tube, Carton Box, PVC board.....

    Use by Handheld way and/or can be set on conveyor line.

    Printing dimensions is 2mm to 12.7mm
    Printing up to 5 lines

    In 2020, three new products will be released.

    1nd: MINI color printer, small like a mouse
    2th: Mini monochrome printer, connect with APP,
    3th: 50mm and 100mm 4print-head handheld printer.


    https://static.ombe.com/slir/w125/forums/200/rickpics/BENTSAI_logo.gifZhuhai Bentsai Printing Technology Co.,Ltd
    Service Phone: 4009638508 (For China)
    Company phone: +86-0756-8979060
    Factory address: 2F, Block A, Xinyuan Bldg,
    No.115 Huawei Road, Zhuhai, Guangdong
    Email: : info@bentsai.net