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  • The Future of B2B Customer Support & A Few Tips on How to Be Impactful

    Posted on ACD-INC.com

    "As we look forward to the next decade, letís first reflect on the previous one and the impact it had on customer support. The 2010ís was a decade driven by the emergence and evolution of mobile technology, making it easier to communicate than ever before. Think Mobility Print and Print Deploy. It also launched ďbig dataĒ into the mainstream, and support teams had more information about their customers than ever before. Weíve even recently launched ACDI Analytics in a time when most companies are in Ďpauseí mode. Itís time to look even further down the road towards the future of customer support.

    So, whatís in store for the next decade? Here are a few B2B customer support breakthroughs Iíve read about and hope it helps you to prepare for in the next decade.

    1. It will be possible for support conversations to be converted to searchable text with minimal effort.

    Great support conversations happen between a customer and an agent every day. But what happens to all the excellent knowledge the customer shared when the call is over? Most of it isnít actionable and it doesnít live on forever, but more businesses want it to stick around and have value. Thatís why more companies will invest in a real-time speech to text technology and ensure this information never leaves their support software system.

    2. Mobile chat and text message support experiences will improve, not out of preference, but because of need.

    Think back just 10 years agoÖ was your whole life on your smartphone? Probably not. Sure, you had some photos and emails, but now everything people do revolves around a small device thatís within reach for most of the day. Thatís why smartphone users will demand more than ever that the support experience they receive on mobile matches what theyíve come to expect in the office. For example, right now the live chat experience on mobile doesnít match the desktop. More customers will expect to have streamlined chat and text experiences on mobile devices. They donít want to leave their phone unlocked to keep the chat active or sit around wondering if a text was sent out successfully.". . .
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