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  • Lexmark MC3224adwe review: Compact and affordable

    Posted on ITRPO.COM by Dave Mitchell

    "Itís expensive to run, but this desk-friendly color laser delivers good output quality, security and print features

    Lexmark MC3224adwe
    Lexmark MC3224adwe

    Lexmarkís MC3224adwe is one of the smallest MFPs around, with a footprint of just 411 x 394mm. That will appeal to businesses that are short on office space Ė as will its feature set, which includes duplex printing as well as scan, copy and fax services, support for either wired or wireless connections and a 7.2cm color touchscreen.

    The other thing thatís eye-catching about this particular model is its very low price, but be warned: cheap printers tend to be expensive to run, and the MC3224adwe is no exception. Its toner cartridges are only good for 1,500 pages each, which at current prices means youíll be paying a steep 3.8p per mono page and a massive 16.8p for color.

    Clearly, then, you wonít want staff to be printing things out willy-nilly Ė and the good news is that Lexmark provides plenty of access controls. From the tidy web interface, you can block all public access to print, copy and scan functions, while individual user accounts can be customized to determine what features each person is allowed to use.

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    When you do send it a print job, the MC3224adwe is no slouch in the speed stakes. Lexmark advertises a print rate of 22ppm, and our 22-page test Word document was indeed delivered in 59 seconds Ė albeit with a wait of ten seconds for the first page. Our challenging 24-page color DTP Word document was dispatched at the same speed, while switching to double-sided printing reduced the average throughput to 12.2ppm"...[Read more at ITPRO.COM]