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  • The sample release of the new 600 dpi ink re-circulation type inkjet head "CF3R" and ultra-small ink re-circulation device "CC1"

    https://static.ombe.com/slir/w125/forums/200/rickpics/ToshibaCF3R.jpgTOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION has started to deliver the 600 dpi ink re-circulation type inkjet head "CF3R" and eco-friendly ink-recirculation device "CC1", which has minimized the amount of ink flow.

    The "CF3R" inkjet head operates under heavy-duty environments with a water-cooling feature added to the current existing model "CF3". An Ink recirculation structure, which recirculates the ink near the nozzles, has been also adopted in the CF3. This ink recirculation structure makes possible automatic recovery from misfiring caused by air bubbles and other particles around the nozzles. "CF3R" also has the advantage of stable ink jetting with components that easily precipitate such as high gravity pigments. "CF3R" successfully inherits TOSHIBA TECís multi-drop grey scaling and drop placement accuracy that result in high print quality. In addition, "CF3R" can also print in 2 colors at 300 dpi, which increases printing options for customers.

    "CC1" is a compact and light-bodied ink re-circulation device. It contains all the functions required for an ink re-circulating system, such as an ink re-circulating flow amount adjustment, negative pressure adjustment and ink heating. Therefore, users can use "CC1" immediately by employing the co-packed exclusive control software. "CC1" can be connected to our ink re-circulation inkjet head "CF1" and "CF3" series. Up to 2 colors of ink can be used for each device. Since ink can be recirculated in a small amount, the ink waste throughout the verification stage can be reduced, thus "CC1" is an eco-friendly device.

    The 600 dpi ink re-circulation type inkjet head "CF3R" and ultra-small ink re-circulation device "CC1" can be used for various applications such as signs and graphics, roll-to-roll printing of business forms, labels and packages, R&D, and thereby contribute to the expansion of industrial inkjet printing.

    "CF3R" and "CC1" will be displayed at InPrint 2018 (Milan, Italy) which will be held from November 20, 2018.