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    I need help on plotter CANON error message Phead need to be cleaning appera on display...i try 2-3 times operation of head cleaning, no result...on print appear 2 bands light...know someone how to clean print head ???

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    you can easily do this by putting isopropyl alcohol on a swab or distilled water to clean it up or you can use windex spray on it too.


    canon inkjet cartridges

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    How to Set Up a Canon Printer to Print From a DOS System?

    * 1 Redirect the print job from the LPT1 port to Network Share port. The LPT1 port was the standard printer ports on computers. These ports are now absent from computers. The Dos programs print directly to the LPT1 port. We will have to redirect that to print to a network printer.

    * 2 Select "Start" and "Run" from the windows command line. Enter "Net Use LPT1: \\My_computer\printer / Persistent:Yes". The "My computer" is your computer name and "Printer" is your printer name. The command "/ Persistent:Yes" command tells windows to always remember this connection.

    * 3 Run your Dos based application, and select "Print" it will now print to your Canon printer.

    <a href="">Printer Services</a>

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