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    I have a EF5 error code Has any one seen this? Is it the Cartridge or power supply? PLEASE HELP

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    i don't have the service manual for the 2700cn, but i do for the 2600cn. in that manual, EF5 code means charger/high voltage unit error. i'm sure it is probably the same on this model. i'm also pretty sure that the main charger is built into the opc unit. most likely, the charger is dirty or shorting. i would try replacing that first or if you're a tech, you might try to clean.

    good luck!

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    Had same problem today with HL2700CN. The opc belt(green imaging belt) is not making contact with HVoltage. Clean contacts and especially around the pads. Else swap it out.

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    what is the charger belt ect for me to clean change as I have the same problem x

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