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  • Inkjet vs. Nanography – An Overview

    Posted on The Photizo Group, by Ron Iverson

    "There are some folks that that think that Nanography will make inkjet technology obsolete. What is Nanography? The Nanographic Printing® process employs a heated blanket onto which very small (much smaller than conventional Inkjet particles) NanoInk® particles are ejected, as well as warm air dryers above the blanket. As the ink droplets hit the blanket they start to dry, the water is evaporated and a very thin layer, some 500 nanometres in thickness, is formed on the blanket surface. Each color is laid down onto the blanket in sequence and a dry, warm composite laminated layer of NanoInk is then transferred by the impression cylinder onto the substrate..." [read more at www.photizogroup.com]